Over last few years, I have found really great articles, posts, tweets, videos etc. on Internet. All this material has been very useful for me. I am compiling anything that can be useful for startup founders, investors and others on this page in various categories.

If you have read a great piece recently and it is worth including below, please share it with me through this link.

For Startup founders (applies across countries & sectors)

  • Burn multiple – This is a really great article about capital efficiency. This article is really well written and has a lot of insights. These insights matter now more than ever as there is a lot of private capital in the market and many times raising a lot of capital to chase growth can result in inefficiencies along the way.
  • Learn and unlearn – This is a really great post by Gagan Biyani for anyone who got fired or let go. This post has many lessons – some spoken and some unspoken. My biggest takeaway is that things will never go in a straight line, there will be challenges. How you evolve and adopt, it will dictate your future and reputation.

For Consumer Internet focuses startups

  • NFX – NFX has written extensively about network effects, marketplaces etc. I highly recommend following their newsletter. During my public investing career, I learnt a lot from Pete Flint and Sean Aggarwal at Trulia (sold to Zillow). Now at NFX, Pete and team is doing a really great job.

For FinTech / payments focused startups

  • Confessions of a FinTech Junkie – Frank Rotman is a founding partner of QED. I have followed his work for years especially during my public investing career. His memo’s are detailed with a lot of insights.

For Enterprise focused startups

  • Selling during difficult period – Even though this article is written for COVID-19, I believe it equally applies to recessionary or other difficult period of turmoil. In fact, even during good times, startups should follow these steps at top / middle / bottom of the funnel.
  • Tomasz Tunguz’s blog has a lot of great content around culture, pricing, product, recruiting etc.

General investing (public or private)

  • Howard Marks Memo – Howard Marks has written some of the best articles about investing, cycles, macro etc. For anyone interested in public investing, these are a great read.

Company / Personal specific

  • SpaceX – this podcast describes SpaceX journey very well.